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Neal & McDevitt Wine Practice

We understand your passion for wine. We share that passion and we want to help you pursue it. Our Wine Practice was borne out of our attorneys’ personal interest in wine and our professional desire to assist those in the wine industry. We also understand you have a lot invested in your brand, product names, and label text and art. These assets represent the goodwill in your business and can be the building blocks to your long-term success. Protecting them is imperative, regardless of the size or scope of your operations.

NEAL & MCDEVITT, LLC, is a Chicago- area based intellectual property, marketing and information technology law firm specializing in all aspects of trademark, copyright, unfair competition, marketing, advertising, promotions, IT, and Internet law. We provide our clients with experienced, comprehensive, and decisive legal counsel.

Trademarks are key business assets. We provide a full range of trademark services, working with you to develop branding strategies, obtain and monitor trademark registrations, and enforce trademark rights and usage worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with new ways of seeing things and in finding solutions uniquely suited to your business and particular issues you’re facing.

Copyrights are also important to wineries because of the industry’s use of original artistic expression on bottles and labels. We’ll help you understand how copyrights fit into your intellectual property portfolio and advise you regarding how to leverage them in whatever ways make the most sense for your business.

We offer assistance to clients with legal issues relating to advertising review, promotions and marketing agreements. Our firm also provides a full range of Internet-related services, such as domain name acquisition and enforcement, web development, and protection against the unauthorized use of trademark and copyright-protected materials on the Internet.

We employ an active, collaborative approach to the management of your brand resources. Working in concert with you, we can help you identify, understand, safeguard, and leverage intellectual property assets across every facet of your operation. We ensure that your worldwide intellectual property rights are well protected and your advertising and promotions efforts meet the standards and regulations of an ever-changing legal landscape.

We understand your business needs and work proactively with you to develop innovative solutions to fit those needs. And we do it with a level of personal service and attention that is unparalleled. We give you the experience, expertise, and service you require and deserve, which allows you to stay focused on your passion.

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